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A love letter to my Ninja Creami

Now, I can enjoy ice cream and other frozen treats all year round, thanks to my new Ninja Creami.

Essentially a cross between a blender and a food processor, the Creami makes it easy to enjoy cold treats at the push of a button.
Essentially a cross between a blender and a food processor, the Creami makes it easy to enjoy cold treats at the push of a button.

I never have to buy ice cream at the grocery store again because — with the help of my Ninja Creami — I can create healthier ice cream at home that tastes way better than my favorite store-bought Ben and Jerry’s pints. The Ninja Creami is a kitchen appliance that turns frozen ingredients — like a protein shake or a can of fruit — into a frozen dessert in minutes. This summer, the Ninja Creami took social media by storm and it has occupied a small piece of my mind every day since June. Finally ordering one during Black Friday sales, I’ve used my Creami almost every night the past two weeks. It is safe to say the Creami was worth the $200 investment. 

While the Ninja Creami is not a small kitchen appliance, I use it so often that I am more than happy to give up the extra counter space. The model I purchased has five modes which allows it to make ice cream, light ice cream, sorbet, smoothies and milkshakes. Essentially a cross between a blender and a food processor, the Creami makes it easy to enjoy cold treats at the push of a button. The Creami comes with a few pint cups which the ice cream is blended into. I often like to eat right out of the pint and save the leftovers in my freezer. 

I have been an ice cream lover my entire life — yes, even in winter — and I know first-hand how difficult it can be to swap a traditional dessert for a healthier option. With the Creami I can quit testing recipes to make high protein cookie dough or homemade frozen yogurt that don’t quite live up to the real deal, and enjoy delicious frozen treats that help me achieve my goal of eating more protein. Using Fairlife protein shakes I can make a high protein dessert and enjoy the entire pint for fewer calories than a single serving of Ben and Jerry’s Tonight Dough

My current go-to Creami ice cream recipe uses a Fairlife Elite chocolate protein shake with a small splash of milk to achieve a smooth consistency. While tasty on its own, I like to add mix-ins to customize my pint even further. Chocolate chips, peppermint baking chips and Oreos are my current favorite ingredients to add to my ice cream and I am excited to try mini pretzel pieces and M&Ms, too. I’m excited to make my own sorbet as well, which only requires a can of any fruit in juice. 

Most frozen treats require very little prep — I just freeze a milk mixture or fruit in a pint for 24 hours. The smoothie and milkshake settings on the Creami can be made with these simple frozen components combined into the cup and blended. I can totally see myself making thick and delicious protein smoothie bowls for myself and my sister after a workout together. Hosting a movie or game night with friends becomes so much easier with a Creami because everyone can get a chance to make their own milkshake that can simply be transferred into a large cup and the pint container can be rinsed and reused right away. 

In the warmer months, I love to sit outside and enjoy a creamy and sweet sorbet. To make a sorbet in the Creami, all that is required is a can of fruit. Personally I love canned peaches, so that is my first pick, but canned mango or pineapple would make a delicious sorbet as well. At least 24 hours before I plant to make a sorbet I pour an entire can of fruit into a Creami pint cup, including the sweet syrup or juice the fruit is soaked in. Once completely frozen I select the sorbet setting on the Creami and I get to enjoy a delicious dairy-free treat in minutes.

I was prepared for the Creami to be loud as that was the main complaint I saw across the board in the machine’s Amazon reviews. Despite the high noise level when the appliance is making ice cream, I find this to be a minimal disturbance. Additionally, I saw that many buyers have complained about the appliance burning or not functioning properly — while this is definitely an issue, I have yet to experience it in the almost two weeks I’ve had my Creami.   

The Ninja Creami is perhaps a luxury kitchen appliance that may not be practical for everyone — but for an ice cream lover like myself, this was love at first scoop. Now that I no longer have to buy ice cream at the grocery store, my Creami will essentially pay for itself in just a few months. So, for those with a sweet tooth who are seeking healthier food options — whether that be high protein desserts, or yummy low calorie snacks — the Ninja Creami has your frozen treat needs covered. 


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