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From the archives: Feb. 5 – Feb. 11

This week: Gender wars, Alderman Library and stories of discrimination and inclusion


February 6, 1952

“Females Claim Males ‘Devoid of All Masculinity’”

By John Leigh

February 7, 1952

“Women Have Shallow Basis For Male Criticism”

By Karl B. Knust Jr.

These articles were posted just one day apart from each other, and follow a written argument between women at Syracuse University who are angry at the decline of masculine men: “What happened to the rugged, outdoor man? He is no longer rugged. He eats soft food, sleeps too much, and considers physical exertion too much for him.” The men of the University wrote back the following day, stating they “know of no baby food manufacturers who are considering a special product for men.” Ultimately, the men finished their counterclaim stating “It would be, we believe, a sad state of affairs to see a bunch of high strung, jealous, gossiping, vindictive women doing the work of men.” 


February 5, 1965

“Library Begins Needed Expansion”

By Dave Cockley

The Alderman Library began expansion in 1965 when a new wing was constructed to provide space for stacks and to relieve overcrowding in reading rooms. This renovation allowed the library to accommodate 100,000 books and 500 students. Today, following the 2020-23 renovations, Alderman Library holds 1.5 million books and has 1,455 seats available for students. 


February 7, 1974

“EOP Forum Stresses Individuality Principle”

By Jane Hanna

Photo by Jeff Galston

Several discrimination charges were brought up against the University, and the Equal Opportunity Program alleviated these grievances. The EOP protected students and faculty from discrimination of religion, race, sex and age. It also ensured that nepotism does not affect hired positions. There is an office at the University today that handles similar issues, The Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights. 


February 10, 1989

“Students remove swastika”

By Brian Villmoare

Photo by Mark Kitchell 

On a wall at University Circle, a swastika was painted and seemingly remained there for weeks. It was removed by student Alisa Forman alongside her friends and other supporters. Alisa states how this sign of discrimination is not only hateful to Jewish people, but also to all Americans. She was hurt by the lack of reaction to the swastika by her fellow peers, but was reassured by the amount of support she found on the day she removed it. It should be noted that this piece was published in The University Journal, which was an alternative newspaper to The Cavalier Daily. 


February 10, 1993

“Gays, ROTC Members debate military issue”

Articles by Sabine Schoenbach, Kris Masaschi

Photos by Chris Pierson

The debate on whether there should be more inclusion in the American Military was high — students of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Student Union at the University claim that people of all genders and sexual orientations should be allowed to serve because denial of enlistment is a violation of civil rights. Other students, including members of the ROTC program, state that inclusion would reduce morale and limit the military’s ability to work as a team. 


February 9, 2006

“Web site releases grade distributions for the courses”

By Sarah Peeden

The Course Forum, a student-run website, was released. This website was a place students could easily and anonymously review professors and courses as well as access grade distributions. The Course Forum still exists today and serves the same purpose for University students.


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