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All Cavalier Daily content is protected by U.S. copyright laws, including content produced using Cavalier Daily resources and equipment. Before reprinting any content (videos, photos, articles) please contact The Cavalier Daily's editor-in-chief.

How to request permission

All requests should be directed to The Cavalier Daily's editor-in-chief via email at Attach the reprint request form to an email with the subject line "Reprint Request."


Any refusals and additional fees are at the sole discretion of the editor-in-chief.

Articles and Photography

Minimum reprint fee for commercial use (hard copy or online)

  • $75/article, depending on use
  • $25/photo, depending on use

Minimum reprint fee for non-profit, college newspaper use (hard copy or online)

  • $20/article, depending on use
  • $15/photo, depending on use

Minimum search fee for research through Cavalier Daily bound volumes

  • $20/hour
  • $20/hour

Minimum photocopying fee from archives

  • $2.00/page plus shipping fees
  • $2.00/black-and-white page plus shipping fees
  • $5.00/color page plus shipping fees

Hard copies of The Cavalier Daily from the past 12 months are kept on file. Copies can be requested for $5.00, plus shipping fees.

Video content

Please contact the editor-in-chief at to request use of video footage. All video content is the property of The Cavalier Daily. Fees payable to The Cavalier Daily will vary, depending on the quantity and type of video content requested.

How to pay

Once the request has been fulfilled, The Cavalier Daily editor-in-chief will provide an invoice detailing all fees, which can be paid by check or Venmo.

All checks should be made payable to "The Cavalier Daily" and sent to the address below:

Ava MacBlane
The Cavalier Daily Editor-in-Chief
Newcomb Hall, The University of Virginia
PO Box 400703 

Charlottesville, VA 22904