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DRISCOLL: Lime’s decision to leave Charlottesville is a loss for everyone

(01/08/20 3:49pm)

If you’ve been to Charlottesville at any point in the past year, you’ve likely seen electric scooters seemingly everywhere. In the span of just a year, these scooters have evolved from what was once a novel curiosity into an integral component of public transit in the Charlottesville region. According to data collected by city officials, 30,000 users have made more than 200,000 scooter rides, collectively traveling more than 200,000 miles since their debut in December 2018. These astounding figures underscore not only the popularity of e-scooters with the general public but also their necessity in the lives of so many in the region. 

Researchers utilize holistic approach to predict severity of influenza season

(01/16/20 5:39am)

The winter months are often associated with an increase in influenza cases, and U.Va. researchers are working to track the spread and control of the infectious disease. The new initiative and similar projects at the Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative take a holistic approach to solve complex societal issues. They integrate the social, economic and biological aspects of these problems into computational methods that aid in management and planning.

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is the ‘Star Wars’ film Gen Z needed

(01/08/20 3:30pm)

Since the initial release of “A New Hope” back in 1977, George Lucas’ beloved franchise has never truly left the mainstream. Kept alive by blockbuster films, spin-off novels dedicated to building up the larger universe and arguably too much fanfiction, the world of “Star Wars” is a tenant of contemporary pop culture. It’s easy to buy into, and addictive once you do — especially for those who have known and loved the films from a young age.

Virginia falls to North Carolina, No. 9 NC State

(01/09/20 8:46pm)

The Virginia women’s basketball team came up short against conference foes North Carolina Thursday at John Paul Jones Arena and N.C. State Sunday in Raleigh, N.C. The Tar Heels (11-3, 2-1 ACC) beat the Cavaliers (5-9, 0-3 ACC) 65-47 behind a strong second quarter and Virginia fell to the No. 9 Wolfpack (14-0, 3-0 ACC) 80-60, despite stellar play from senior guard Jocelyn Willoughby.

HESS: Wine caves are a symptom of Citizens United

(01/15/20 7:29pm)

If you watched December’s Democratic debate, there is no way that you missed the phrase “wine cave”. The “cave” that was mentioned is alluding to an alleged closed-door meeting held by presidential candidate and former South Bend, Mayor Pete Buttigieg with billionaire donors. Fellow candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., took aim at Buttigieg, pointing out that his campaign financing structure is exactly what is wrong with politics in America — billionaires and corporations funding campaigns. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., later continued the discussion by comparing former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign structure to that of Buttigieg’s. This discussion illuminated the issue of the wine cave, and billionaire donors more specifically, as perhaps the biggest threat to our democracy. As Americans, we must resist the wine cave by halting the control big corporations and billionaire donors have over our government.

Tyler, The Creator surprises fans with two-song release

(01/08/20 3:29pm)

Tyler, The Creator shocked his followers with the unanticipated release of two songs, “BEST INTEREST” and “Group B” Dec. 23. With one song continuing the critically acclaimed aesthetic of his 2019 album “IGOR” and the other leaning toward the roots of his older albums, respectively, the releases portray his impressive discography. Although the tracks are extremely different, the songs remain beautifully soulful and representative of the captivating, powerhouse verses common to each Tyler, The Creator production. Fans’ cries for the songs to be released on Spotify and Apple Music — the tracks are available on the artist’s YouTube, not on streaming — are accompanied by shouts of adoration for the artistry of both songs and jokes about their heart-stopping quality.

Shots fired incident reported at Corner bar

(01/01/20 8:00pm)

Charlottesville and University police responded to reports of shots fired shortly after 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to a University-wide community alert issued by Timothy Longo, interim chief of University police and associate vice president for safety and security. The incident occurred at 12:41 a.m. inside The Hole bar at 11 Elliewood Avenue.

U.Va.’s employee minimum wage increased to $15 with start of new year

(01/04/20 12:53am)

The University officially increased its employee minimum wage to $15 per hour Wednesday, affecting roughly 96 percent of the University’s workforce and marking the largest salary raise in University history. The new living wage plan, announced last March and updated in October, covers 1,323 full-time employees eligible for benefits as well as more than 800 full-time contracted employees.

BATSUKH: Ease restrictive zoning codes

(01/13/20 4:11am)

Democratic Delegate Ibraheem Samirah filed two bills for this session of the Virginia General Assembly contravening the authority of localities to set aside residential land for single family zoning in late December 2019. HB 151 legalizes the addition of accessory dwelling units to all housing lots, while HB 152 allows for duplex home construction on previously single family dwelling lots. These two bills effectively eliminate artificial land use restrictions that prevent developers and landowners from meeting local housing demands. Though I usually have little positive to say about Samirah’s proposals, I applaud all initiatives to address undue legal barriers to housing construction.

STRIKE: The General Assembly must end Lee-Jackson Day

(01/08/20 3:46pm)

The Virginia General Assembly has convened for its annual legislative session this year today. Both chambers of the oldest governing body in the Western Hemisphere — for the first time since 1995 — are under Democratic control. Already, countless pieces of progressive legislation have been proposed in the General Assembly, including bills to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, ban housing discrimination against queer people, introduce stronger gun control measures, pass a version of the Green New Deal and ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. It’s an agenda unparalleled in the Commonwealth’s history, and an awe-inspiring opportunity to stimulate economic growth, implement groundbreaking social policies and strengthen our democracy. 

SZLEZINGER: President Trump’s Executive Order was the wrong way to combat anti-semitism at universities

(01/14/20 7:30pm)

It is a tough time to be a Jew in college. Over the past decade, college campuses have seen a rise in anti-Semitism, ranging from swastikas and grafiti using Nazi language being painted on apartments and dorms — including a Jewish student’s apartment at GrandMarc — to fake eviction notices handed out to Jewish students at New York University, to anti-Semitic videos posted on a George Washington University student’s Snapchat story.

No. 16 men’s basketball defeats Navy 65-56

(12/31/19 4:06am)

No. 16 Virginia took down Navy Sunday at John Paul Jones Arena, winning 65-56 after temporarily giving up the lead in the second half. The Cavaliers (10-2, 2-0 ACC) shot 53.2 percent from the field while the Midshipmen (6-5, 0-0 Patriot) only converted 38.8 percent of their field goals. Senior guard Braxton Key, senior forward Mamadi Diakite, sophomore guard Kihei Clark and freshman guard Casey Morsell scored in double-figures in the matchup. Clark recorded a career-high 13 assists en route to a double-double. 

An ode to exercise

(01/08/20 4:00pm)

First-year student Emily Parker had never been interested in exercise before. That was for common folk, who weren’t prestigious student athletes at [insert governor’s school here]. Practicing various sports three times a week and winning the genetic lottery meant that she had never even considered working out something she could do — until getting to the University, that is.

WARTEL: Monumental Justice seeks a victory state-wide against racism

(01/02/20 1:34am)

It has been over three years since the efforts to take down the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville began. Perhaps no recap can do justice to what’s happened since. There was a city council vote to remove the statue and which was subsequently blocked by a Virginia judge. The white-supremacist rally in August 2017, which was organized in response to the effort to take the statue down, forever made the racism deeply embedded in American society unignorable. Now the struggle to alter the landscape of Confederate statues is reaching a climax as a statewide campaign known as Monumental Justice seeks to pass legislation allowing localities to remove them.

Miller Center experts answer nation’s questions about impeachment

(12/27/19 7:49pm)

As the nation’s attention focuses on Capitol Hill, where President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives Dec. 18, the University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs relays information about impeachment through online publications, media appearances and live events. The Center contextualizes current events with the study of the Clinton impeachment, Nixon’s impeachment and impeachment’s early history in the United States.