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How to elevate your avocado toast

(08/26/19 2:56am)

I love avocado toast, but who doesn’t? Unfortunately, sometimes — no matter how perfectly ripe your avocado or how crispy your toast — it just tastes average and dull. I found myself growing tired of the same routine, so I decided to spice it up. I created three delicious and easy recipes, so you can experiment with these foolproof recipes in order to rejuvenate your love for avocado toast.

Watch out for First Watch: Charlottesville’s new brunch option

(08/26/19 10:09pm)

College students love brunch. There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and heading to a favorite brunch spot with a group of friends. Charlottesville has plenty of standout spots, including Fig, The Virginian and The Villa. This past spring, Charlottesville was gifted its very own First Watch restaurant, a healthy brunch chain. Its convenient location, amiable atmosphere, reasonable pricing and diverse appeal are reasons why First Watch should be added to all brunch bucket lists. 

BHARADWAJ: Violent media has caused desensitization of America’s youth

(08/28/19 12:26am)

Earlier this month, within the span of a day, nearly three dozen Americans lost their lives in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Like clockwork, both halves of our polarized, political dichotomy attempted to craft their own narratives, with large swaths of the GOP choosing to target violent video games and internet culture. This right-wing media frenzy demonstrated a lot of sway on individuals and corporations alike, as evidenced by the recent cancellation of a popular ESports tournament from ESPN in response to the tragic events.

DUA: Fox News shouldn't be Involved in the presidential debates

(08/30/19 6:50pm)

Fox News has been a mainstay of almost every presidential debate since the turn of the century and given their viewership and political presence — this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. It’s no secret that Fox News swings right, however, over the course of this past presidential cycle the news network has devolved into a virtual arm of the Republican party and more specifically, President Donald Trump. Almost a year out from the 2020 general election debates, one thing remains remarkably clear — Fox News as an organization lacks the basic journalistic integrity necessary to continue justifying their involvement on the presidential debate stage. 

MCKELVEY: Charlottesville City Schools must adopt comprehensive equity policies

(08/23/19 8:18pm)

In 2018, the national assessment organization Niche rated Charlottesville City Schools within the top three percent of public school systems in the nation. Soon after the release of this ranking, the New York Times published an article about the realities of public education in Charlottesville. While Charlottesville City Schools may provide ample opportunities for some students, there are many who get left behind. Often, these are low-income and students of color. Finally, the City School Board has introduced equity policy to remedy these disparities, but any policy must specifically address the intricacies that contribute to inequitable education in order to be effective. 

DRISCOLL: The time has come for Virginia’s gun laws to be reformed

(08/23/19 8:20pm)

This summer’s recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach serves as yet another painful reminder of the tremendous cost that has been unduly paid by far too many Virginians as the result of gun violence. It was only 12 years ago that a lone gunman went on a killing rampage at Virginia Tech, brutally murdering 32 classmates and instructors before ultimately turning the gun on himself, committing what at the time was the single largest mass shooting in American history. 

U.Va. to offer financial aid to in-state DACA students this fall

(08/26/19 11:28pm)

When Nicole Leal, a fourth-year College student and president of DREAMers on Grounds, found out the University would start offering financial aid to in-state Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals students this fall, she felt that the change “came out of nowhere.” According to Leal, ever since DREAMers on Grounds started at the University in fall 2015, one of the group’s main focuses has been advocating for undocumented students to matriculate financial aid at the University. 

19 songs from summer ‘19

(08/26/19 3:28am)

You’ve probably heard Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Old Town Road,” Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s “Señorita” and Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” — the songs of the summer everyone can’t escape this year. These recent releases may have eluded your summer playlists and Spotify queues. Give them a listen before school starts and fill these last precious days with new discoveries. 

Previewing the Virginia football schedule

(08/23/19 8:01pm)

A year after winning the Belk Bowl, the Virginia football team has its sights set on even bigger goals in 2019. Returning much of a defense that finished third in the ACC last year in points allowed per game along with star senior quarterback Bryce Perkins, the Cavaliers are pegged as the favorite to win the ACC Coastal. That said, the road to winning the Coastal — which includes the classic rivalry game against Virginia Tech — will be anything but easy. “Earned, not given” is Virginia’s mantra under Coach Bronco Mendenhall, and it stays true in 2019, regardless of where the media picks the Cavaliers to finish before the season begins.

Two Trinity Irish Pub employees and former Mono Loco restaurant owner purchase Boylan Heights

(08/15/19 6:40pm)

Long-term Trinity Irish Pub employees Mike Heyer and Nick Becker and former Mono Loco restaurant owner and chef Michael Lewis purchased Boylan Heights on the Corner. Heyer is currently a managing partner at Trinity Irish Pub, while Becker is a general manager at the Elliewood Ave. bar Coupe De Ville’s. Trinity Irish Pub purchased Coupe De Ville’s in 2011. 

‘When in Doubt, Build a Bridge’: U.Va. psychology research on adolescent friendships and relationships highlights their importance later in life

(08/23/19 8:42pm)

It has now been 21 years since University psychology professor Joseph Allen began studying the relationships of 184 13-year-olds. In a project supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Allen set off in 1998 to prove that peoples’ functionalities are not all pre-determined by genes. 

I studied abroad this summer, ergo I’m better than you in every conceivable way

(08/23/19 8:15pm)

What’s up, peasants?! Long time no see. Yes, it HAS been a while. Why is that, you may ask? Well if you must know, I spent a month living out my days as a student in the sunny beach town of Brighton, England, where I became more cultured than any of you could ever dream of being. While you basic Americans were wasting your lives away in a bland, predominantly white Western country, I was doing literally the exact same thing on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean except around people with funny accents and a concerningly strong enthusiasm for drinking. I know it may be difficult, but please try to curb your jealousy — it doesn’t look good on you.