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What I learned by tracking my sleep schedule for a week

(03/10/20 7:16pm)

At some point in between high school and college, my sleep schedule evolved from religiously going to bed by 11:15 p.m. to falling asleep at whatever hour I finished my work — even if it meant I was up until the early hours of the morning. My bedtime falls irregularly between midnight and 3 a.m., so my sleep schedule is a bit of a joke among my roommates and a frequently-voiced concern of my mother’s. I can operate fine with little sleep, but I wanted to see if I could tell a difference if I consistently got the ideal amount of sleep recommended by health professionals.

Productive procrastination isn’t as much of an oxymoron as you may think

(03/14/20 5:44am)

When I Googled “productive procrastination” to find a scholarly definition for this term, the search results were, unsurprisingly, not too helpful. No one seems to agree on whether or not productive procrastination is a good thing. In fact, the top search result is an article warning against believing that you’re really being productive. The second result is an article praising productive procrastination as possibly good for you.

BOV discuss upper-class housing construction, relevant bills proposed in 2020 legislative session

(03/10/20 2:47am)

The Board of Visitors’ Finance Committee convened Friday morning in the Rotunda to discuss upper-class housing construction, the 2020 legislative session — including a brief reference to a proposed bill regarding in-state tuition for undocumented students — medical contracts and the University’s endowment, the specifics of which were discussed in a closed session.

BOV approve $114 million Brandon Avenue residence hall project

(03/10/20 3:22am)

The Board of Visitors’ Buildings and Grounds Committee met Thursday to approve the schematic design of the next phase of the Brandon Avenue upper-class residence hall project. This housing project, which is expected to cost the University $114 million, will provide lodging for up to 350 students while also offering a dining hall, an informal gathering space and approximately 100 parking spaces for nearby residents of Bond and Bice House.

BOV discuss education, culture, funding and collegiate athletics

(03/10/20 6:32pm)

The Board of Visitors met Friday at the Rotunda for a meeting of the full board. University Provost Liz Magill discussed the state of student advising, and the Board heard updates from the School of Data Science and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, as well as University President Jim Ryan and Director of Athletics Carla Williams. 

'In-progress' reflections of an aspiring marathon runner

(03/19/20 6:44am)

When an old Hokie friend of mine asked to meet up during the winter break to catch up over dinner, I was overjoyed — both to share our first-semester stories and to satisfy my intense Thai cravings. Little did I know that she had an ulterior motive. The moment she asked me to run a half-marathon with her, hesitation and doubt rushed in. In high school, we ran cross country together, but I ran for fun, not for the competition — not to mention that my exercise regime had consisted of crawling up the Gooch/Dillard stairs and eating Runk ice cream every day that semester. But for some reason, I instinctively agreed because I knew that I needed a change from my first semester lifestyle. And why not cross it off my bucket list while I’m still young and healthy?

Student self governance responds to low voter turnout

(03/06/20 5:19pm)

The University Board of Elections released results Friday for this year’s University-wide elections. Efforts from UBE, Honor, the University Judiciary Committee, Student Council and candidates campaigning increased overall voter turnout to 20 percent this year, compared to last year’s 18 percent. However, in the election of Student Council president, just 10 percent of students voted. Additionally, referenda from Honor and UJC were both unable to reach the necessary 10 percent of student body participation, despite over 90 percent of voters approving some of the legislation.

Indian Student Association and Queer Student Union hold dialogue on queer and South Asian identity

(03/06/20 5:26pm)

Students filled the University’s LGBTQ center Wednesday evening to discuss the importance of intersectionality and the steps we can take to be a more inclusive and accepting society. Approximately 40 students gathered to learn more about what it means to be queer — having a non-heteroromantic, non-heterosexual orientation or a non-cisgender identity — or an ally in the South Asian community. Collaboration between the Indian Student Association and the Queer Student Union led to the creation of this multicultural dinner dialogue. Students engaged in insightful conversations with one another while enjoying a catered Indian meal from Milan Indian Restaurant. 

A guide to Bachelor TikToks

(03/10/20 7:34pm)

It’s March, which means we are almost at the “windmill stage” of Peter’s season of “The Bachelor.” At this point, the premise of the show has shifted from “Who will the lead fall in love with?” to “Which contestant can rack up the most Instagram followers and #SponCon by the season finale?” Well, this year the claims of “She’s not here for the right reasons” have expanded all the way onto TikTok. Although the contestants have been criticized for being jailbait, they are practically boomers compared to the average TikTok-er. Although their Instagram games are strong, their TikToks are definitely hit or miss. Not to worry, though. I’ve taken it upon myself to round up the TikToks of all the girls I can find and ranking them from best to worst. 

No. 22 men’s basketball holds off Miami 46-44

(03/05/20 6:25am)

No. 22 Virginia downed Miami 46-44 in Coral Gables, Fla. Wednesday night. The Cavaliers (22-7, 14-5 ACC) benefitted from a foul by the Hurricanes (14-15, 6-13 ACC) with eight seconds left, which sent sophomore guard Kihei Clark to the free-throw line. Clark sank both free throws to seize the lead for Virginia, then Miami senior guard Dejan Vasiljevic missed a last second layup attempt with one second left to seal the Cavaliers’ seventh straight win. 

MCKELVEY: Fund the Women’s Center

(03/06/20 7:51pm)

In the past three and a half years the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center has been able to almost double its counseling staff thanks to a grant from the University Provost Office. Although this grant allowed the center to add another three full-time physicians to its team, they will no longer be able to take on new clients for the time being. In fact, for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, the Women’s Center will no longer accept students to its waitlist for professional counseling. This ongoing demonstrated need for women’s center counseling makes it undoubtedly clear that it is time for an increase in funding to the Women’s Center. 

Student-run survey aims to collect disaggregate data highlighting diverse needs of Asian American community at U.Va.

(03/05/20 5:24am)

An ongoing survey spearheaded by two students aims to collect disaggregate data about the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American population of the University and to provide an updated portrait of the community since the last survey was conducted in 2005. The survey is part of an ongoing national movement pushing for data-disaggregation for APIDA communities, and it will close Friday, March 6.