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Ella Powell is a Life Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at 

Self-expression through fashion

My style doesn’t have to be accepted or understood by others. I find joy in how I choose to dress and connect with those who share the same love for clothes and creative expression as I do.

I see my braids not only as a practical style but also a celebration of my identity.

A tribute to my knotless braids

When I entered the braiding shop for the first time, it was with all this in mind. I was tired of attempting to change an intrinsic part of myself to cultivate a certain image that was more palatable to others. 

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Heart-to-Heart: Volume XV

Next time your partner finds himself in a difficult situation, see if there might be anything personal you can offer to open the door to more honest, trusting conversations.   

 It’s crazy to think how long ago I entered the digital world, and how my Instagram profile has since evolved.

Maturing through social media

I believe social media should be an outlet where individuals can freely express themselves, and for me I feel like I've arrived at a comfortable position to do so.

Glasses are often seen as bookish and I will admit that I happen to love that — that is part of the reason why I love my glasses as much as I do.

A love letter to my glasses

I think it is really unique to be able to express yourself through a physical accessory and have it just become a part of your identity.