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From left to right, Ian Allum, Austin Houck, Qudsia Saeed and Josh Harris currently make up Homoglobin's team. 

New student-run nonprofit fights for blood equality

Gender equality, marriage equality and wage equality — the notion of human equality permeates today’s social justice rhetoric. But, to the average American, “blood equality” may be a foreign term. It is this lack of awareness that Homoglobin, a Virginia-based nonprofit founded this year, hopes to ameliorate.

Some students rely on agendas to be reminded of their schedule and goals. 

New Year’s resolutions for the new semester

As a new semester peers around the corner, the few days leading up to its start provides U.Va. students critical time to reflect on past semesters and brainstorm any changes — or  “New Year’s resolutions” — they would like to make in their college lifestyles.  

No one type of study space works for everyone. Some students may thrive on the hustle and bustle of a packed library, while others may prefer calming coffee shops. 

Five tips for studying at U.Va.

Additionally, trying to memorize every little piece of information for a class is not always the most efficient form of preparation, according to third-year College student Areesheh Khan.