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Flipping for a cure

The sense of community support was truly present at Pancakes for Parkinson's, not everyone volunteering and attending had a personal connection to Parkinson's, but many who did were especially touched by the advocacy of so many hardworking University students. 

In dealing with not only the general stress of the semester but also the added uncertainty and burden of the pandemic, many students found it beneficial to incorporate a self-care routine into their daily schedule.

Students prioritize mental health as the pandemic generates added stress

While a normal academic year already fosters a stressful environment that can negatively impact students’ mental well-being, the COVID-19 pandemic undeniably took an even greater toll on their mental health — particularly considering the adoption of social-isolation measures and a transition to virtual classes for many students. 

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Performers danced using long red and pink pieces of silk fabric hanging from a four-legged metal rig.
Wang and Kelleher remain full-time students. They have taken on the challenge of producing content while balancing academics and a social life. 
 While enjoying a home-cooked meal was central to this event, spending quality time with close friends was also a key aspect.  
This year’s menu included beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes, tea eggs, sesame/peanut noodles, almond and coconut jelly and bubble tea.  

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