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The show's opening was inspired by the rebirth associated with chrysalides. 

Empowerment through fashion

Helping Advocate Rights Through Stories organized Empowerment Through Fashion this past week — a showcase in recognition of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Event organizers said the partnership between Relay for Life and Madison House was crucial in drawing a large number of students to the event.

Service never sleeps

Relay For Life garnered the participation of over 1,800 student volunteers Friday night through its partnership with Madison House.

The week's events focused on increasing dialogue surrounding mental illness and providing resources for students.

Fighting the stigma

Fight the Stigma — a mental health awareness week organized by Second Year Council — took place from April 6th to April 10th and aimed to rework preconceived notions surrounding mental health at the University.

Fourth-year students won money from the University's Entrepreneurship Cup to put toward their original music website NostraJAMus, which allows users to bet on songs and how popular they will become in the future.

Students jam along to 'NostraJAMus'

Last February, after receiving an email from his brother with the simple message, “so good” and the song “I Wanna Get Better” by the Bleachers attached, fourth-year Commerce student Collin Waldoch had an idea.

Fourth-year College student Dyanna Jaye works on sustainability issues at the University, state and international levels. 

Sustainability across the globe

Not many students can say they took gap years to travel the country on behalf of the Invisible Children, biked halfway across Canada, and participated as a student delegate in the United Nations Lima Climate Change Conference.


When life gets ruff

It was fitting that my trip to the dog park coincided perfectly with the end of my first semester at college. 

First-year Engineering student Erin Murphy has found a way to continue Irish dancing at the University by practicing in the Memorial Gym studio and traveling to Warrenton to meet with an instructor. 

Competing on a global scale

Throughout first semester, first-year Engineering student Erin Murphy has balanced adjusting to a new social environment and the challenges of higher level classes with daily practices for regional, national and global Irish dancing competitions. Murphy, who was influenced by her dad’s side of the family, began Irish dancing at the age of five and has continued for 13 years. “My dad’s side of the family is really Irish, so when my dad was a kid, all my aunts Irish danced,” Murphy said.

The University Internship Programs offers students the chance to gain professional experience while taking a course related to their work. 

A four-credit taste of the real world

Since its start in 1976, the University Internship Programs has provided students with the unique opportunity to combine the professional sphere with classroom learning under the guidance of professors.

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