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To me, it doesn’t matter if something doesn’t have an inherent purpose. Stuffed animals are made to sit, look cute and be loved.

Embracing our youth

With all of the responsibility that comes along with life, it’s important to remember our desires that stem from youth and innocence. 

I am trying to be intentional about when and how much caffeine I exactly consume. 

My big fat caffeine addiction

I am by no means a health expert, I am simply someone who has realized they are far too dependent on caffeine on a daily basis and wants to remedy that. 

Yasmin Teixeira is a Life columnist for The Cavalier Daily.

The fourth-year blues

Like many, I’ve always understood periods of my life as chapters. This chapter is ending, but I have no idea what the next chapter is or who’s in it.

Fall is a reminder of how beautiful life can be, and how the beginning — or end — of a season of life doesn’t have to be scary or painful .

The magic of fall

The world around you is ever-changing, a whirlwind that threatens on a regular basis to sweep you away with it. Fall, though, will always be the same.