Allison Phanthavong


Virginia high school graduation rates rise

Virginia high school graduation rates have risen more than 7.5 percent in the last six years, according to new data released by the Virginia Department of Education. Education School Dean Robert Pianta said the graduation rate increase reflected consistent improvement.

VDEM announces community search for Graham

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management will organize a community search effort for missing second-year College student Hannah Graham early Saturday morning. 

Event Planning introduces SOURCE changes

On Thursday the Office of the Dean of Students’ Event Planning Office announced changes to the system through which CIOs reserve spaces on Grounds for various events and rehearsals. The Event Planning Office will carry out these changes through the CIO event space booking system, the SOURCE.

Graduate survey shows China graduate student application decline

The Council of Graduate Services released the results of their 2014 International Graduate Admissions Survey this past week, synthesizing data involving the application, admission and enrollment of international students pursuing graduate schooling in the United States.

University email system experiences partial outage

The University Central Mail Service reportedly experienced significant technical difficulties last week, with 5,000 users struggling to access the system from Tuesday, April 1 through last Friday morning.

Mettler discusses higher education politics

The Batten School hosted a presentation on the politics of higher education on Friday at Garrett Hall. Speakers included Cornell Government Prof. Suzanne Mettler and Curry Prof. David Breneman.

Panelists discuss Ukraine protests

A discussion panel addressing government responses to recent violent political protests in Ukraine was held Friday at Rouss-Robertson Hall. Fourth-year Commerce student Anna Buynova, the president of the Slavic Student Association, invited experts from the American Enterprise Institute and other organizations to offer commentary on the issue.