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Austen Givens

LETTER: To counter terrorism

Constantly shifting security measures are considered a best practice among terrorism analysts precisely because they tend to thwart terrorist attacks in the short-term and force the bad guys to change tactics over the long-term.

Positive steps in parking garage project

THE CURRENT traffic study being conducted to examine potential delays around the new Emmet Street parking garage is a positive step, as it actively includes city officials and seeks to assuage the concerns of residents of Lewis Mountain neighborhood.

Out of Bounds

Having never lived in a big city -- and by this I mean a Wash- ington, D.C., or a New York -- coming to Rome, Italy was tough.

No more room for middle ground in Middle East

I AM NOT a pessimist by nature, but now that President Bush is sending Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Middle East to "help quell" the escalated Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I must implore you all to not give a crap, and go about your everyday lives.

Nonsensical suit

AMERICAN history is littered with frivolous lawsuits. A Virginia inmate once sued himself for $5 million because he got drunk and violated his religious beliefs, causing him to commit a crime.

If I had a hammer ...

FOR THIS week's column, I've chosen not to address a typically opinion-friendly issue like race relations or budget cutbacks.

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