Becca Garrison


A great day to go fast

Last week, after eating way too much ice milk, I waddled out of Newcomb dining hall and ran into a table of students offering a noble proposal: Forego the frozen treats (and other food) for one day so others can eat.

Student decides to opt for closed honor trial

The open honor trial announced last week will now be closed, as elected by the defendant earlier this week. "This is a decision that the student made, so trying to speculate on why I really can't do," Honor Chair David Hobbs said. The trial date will remain the same. Last fall, another student opted for an open trial then closed it before the trial date. "Most students from the beginning want a closed trial," Vice-Chair for Trials Stewart Ackerly said.

University to offer graduate pre-medicalcertificate

The University will offer a one-year pre-medical certificate program to post-Baccalaureate students beginning this summer, following the Board of Visitors Finance Committee's decision to approve the program by setting tuition Thursday. The program allows individuals without the necessary science prerequisites to complete them in one year.

University to offer Semester at Sea program

This summer, the University will become the academic partner of the Semester at Sea study abroad program. The program, whose origins date back to 1926, has allowed almost 40,000 students to spend a semester aboard a "floating college," the MV Explorer.

Federal rules could limit workers' use of technology

Proposed regulations of the U.S. Defense Department and expected future regulations of the U.S. Commerce Department could prevent foreign-born students and technicians from working with sensitive technology in university laboratories. The Department of Defense issued a notice of proposed rulemaking in July based on the Inspector General's report on export controls.

University prepares for final game of season

Tomorrow's football game against Virginia Tech is expected to draw a crowd of approximately 62,000 fans, according to Leonard Sandridge, University executive vice president and chief operating officer. "It is likely to be an all-time capacity crowd," Sandridge said. As the last home game of the season and one for which students have been camping out since Tuesday, security is a top concern. "Knowing that this is a big game and that this is the last home game of the season, there will be a great deal of security at the game," University spokesperson Carol Wood said.

City weighs improvements for Downtown Mall area

Charlottesville City Council held a special planning meeting Monday night to discuss changes and improvements to West Main Street and the Downtown Mall. "The purpose of [Monday's] meeting was to discuss and prioritize a number of capital improvement projects," Vice Mayor Kevin Lynch said.

Study considers transfer challenges

The 2005 National Survey of Student Engagement released recently found that transfer students and students who have concurrent enrollment at more than one university may have a harder time getting the full university experience. The survey stated that transfer students had fewer interactions with faculty, participated in fewer educationally enriching activities and reported gaining less from college than their peers. Fourth-year College student Tom Gibson transferred from the University of Florida and said it is a difficult experience. "I had to apply to college again, move into a new place again -- it gets to the point where you get kind of burnt out," Gibson said.

Newcomb official dies at age 64

Newcomb Hall Building Manager Lazarus "Larry" Powell died Monday night of pneumonia. He was 64. Powell was the director of student building supervisors and assistants and worked very closely with them, Newcomb Hall Director Bill Ashby said. Powell had struggled with respiratory issues over the last few years. "I talked to Larry on Friday and Saturday, and his main concern was still the students," said Danny Steeper, assistant director for operations.