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Ben Baskin

Me, myself and the Knicks

Present Day Me: Hey, are you guys all here? 2008 Me: Yo yo, I’m here. 1999 Me: Hi all! 1994 Me: unintelligible Present Day Me: OK, cool.

An apology to LeBron

Dear LeBron, Last year I wrote a ghost story about you loosely based on Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” and somehow passed it off as a column unimaginatively titled “A LeBron James Ghost Story.” I’m not going to recapitulate exactly what it entailed, but just know that the phantasmagoric world that I limned in that column did not present a very flattering image of you, to say the least.

Fixing the dunk contest

Let’s talk about the Dunk Contest — an event that I’d bet inhabits a soft spot in the vast majority of your hearts.

Stranger than fiction

It is 5:30 p.m. Sunday. I’m somehow still exceedingly hungover , and for the last five hours I have been switching channels back and forth between Super Bowl pregame drivel, the Hoos falling apart against Georgia Tech and the Puppy Bowl.

The future is bright

I write about sports for our school paper — and have done so for the last three years — because I am a fan.

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