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Ben Willis

A fitting 'end'

Besides “Toy Story 3,” when is the last time you saw a trilogy with a good third film? It’s not very common.

Jack and the Giant Slayer falls flat

While the fantasy genre is alive and kicking, however, many of its offspring are not. Jack the Giant Slayer displays all the trappings of a engaging epic, but none of the fun or charm.

A zombie movie to warm the soul

Zombie movies are overdone. You can only take a zombie premise so far, and lately this tired genre, like its antagonists, has been a largely brain-dead affair.

Clear skies for the latest Bond?

His name is Bond, Geriatric Bond. No, I’m not just talking about the 50 year-old series. A grizzled and distinctively middle-aged James Bond is back and he needs to rely on his wits, as well as his friends, to come out of this mission alive.

Virginia is for viewers: Film Festival set to launch Nov. 1

What type of movies are you seeing this fall? I’m guessing some blockbusters are on your list. But if you find the movies that Hollywood pumps out to be somewhat predictable, then you should check out the Virginia Film Festival, an event that has been bringing great films to Charlottesville for 25 years.

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