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Bethel Habte

VPSA gives $20,000 for sustainability

Student Council passed a bill Tuesday night which will create a committee to allocate $20,000 of unused programming funds from the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs toward a pilot program to support large-scale green projects around Grounds. The Green Initiative Funding Tomorrow program is Council's answer to a 76 percent majority of voting students who supported a referendum proposing a "green" fund in University-wide elections in February 2010. Although Council already has in place an Environmental Sustainability Committee, which works on sustainable initiatives at the University, Tuesday's bill created a separate committee, which will be responsible for managing funding for extensive projects as well as selecting project submissions. "It makes more sense to give it the due diligence," Council President Dan Morrison said.

Honor drafts guidelines

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DOE tests home energy saving program in city, area counties

The U.S. Department of Energy has named Charlottesville and its surrounding areas as the pilot locality for its newly launched Home Energy Score program. Charlottesville and Albemarle County's Local Energy Alliance Program will help administer the program, in which local homes will be assessed to measure energy efficiency using a number scale from 1-10, with 10 representing a home with excellent energy performance.

Lawsuit challenges insurance mandate

A decision determining the constitutionality of the new health care law will be issued at the end of this year, federal judge Henry Hudson said Monday. A lawsuit filed by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli questions the provision within the law requiring all state residents to obtain health insurance.

The Morning Benders

Big Echo, the sophomore release from Berkeley-based band The Morning Benders, takes a familiar sound and puts it on steroids.

Member of Sevens passes

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