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Cari Lynn Hennessey

Chaining competition on the Internet

OUR GENERATION has unprecedented access to online information. We grew up ina time when the Internet seemed to get better every year, as dial-up e-mail providers gave way to broadband and the unlimited possibility of the World Wide Web.

Modeling social justice

LAST WEEK as the Living Wage Campaign rallied support for raising the wages of workers, a new group calling themselves the Market Wage Campaign boldly defended the University's right to pay poverty wages.

Preserving freedom to choose

SOUTH Dakota is for real. It might seem like a far away state that has little relevance to University students, but the state's new law banning almost all abortions has serious implications for every young woman in the United States.

Filling in the blank

EACH YEAR, the University's diversity pie includes a certain slice of admitted students who left their race blank on their applications.

Rethinking Semester at Sea

THE SEMESTER at Sea program might sound like every student's dream: Starting this summer, students can literally go on a cruise and receive academic credit for it, a concept that would no doubt make Thomas Jefferson proud. According to a former participant's letter to The Cavalier Daily, the program has been nicknamed "The Booze Cruise" and "Kindergarten at Sea" in honor of low academic standards and heavy drinking.

Consensus clause trickery

WHILE the Honor Committee is brainstorming new ways to influence the outcome of jury trials, a separate group, Students for the Preservation of Honor, has proposed yet another "consensus clause," a ballot measure that would severely limit the ability of the student body to change the honor system during elections.

Analyzing a scandal

WELCOME to reality according to the Bush administration, where scientific evidence is irrelevant, intelligent design is just as legitimate as evolution and credentials don't matter if you have the right politics.

Revolutionizing honor

STUDENT elections have a reputation for being largelyinconsequential to the student body. Voter turnout is notoriously pitiful, and each year's elected representatives seem to produce little more than lines on their own resumes.

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