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Cassandra Plemons

While Saturday and Sunday caseloads are typically lower than the number of cases on weekdays, this is the lowest Friday, Saturday and Sunday caseload the University has had in recent weeks.
Due to numerous unknowns about the future and opportunities certainly being unequatible, the pandemic grading policy should remain the same as the previous semester.
Mandatory testing is just one of the University’s several public health measures, including virtual daily health checks and requiring all students to wear masks in public spaces.
Students have until May 18 to provide their responses to the survey.
In response to “input from faculty and students,” University Provost Liz Magill has added a “General Credit” grade to what was previously understood to be a credit/no credit system.
Una petición estudiantil propuso un sistema de crédito/sin crédito para acomodar aquellas dificultades como la presencia de WiFi, la gran diferencia entre zonas horarias, y vidas inseguras o difíciles en casa.
Beginning March 19, the University will hold all of its classes online.
First-generation students make up nearly 13 percent of the Class of 2023, an increase of about 19 percent over last year.
University administration will prioritize the 10 initiatives in the fall after reviewing cost estimates and available resources.
12.6 percent of the student body voted in the Student Council presidential election, down from last year’s 18.8 percent. 

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