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Christian Salcedo

Project Almanac: Time Wasted

With the more deftly handled time-jumping movie “Predestination” now available in stores, there is no pressing reason anymore to go see “Project Almanac.” However, if one is dying to revisit the halls of high school in a new light, “Project Almanac” may have something to offer moviegoers. David Raskin, played by Johnny Weston, is a loveable nerd whose acceptance to MIT is marred by his inability to secure a full scholarship.

The mess that is “Mortdecai”

“Mortdecai” is a lousy film, riddled by a weak and linear plot. The plot brings the audience to some attractive destinations — England, Hong Kong, Russia, and the United States — but the locales are wasted on the film’s lackluster premise and execution. The film’s protagonist — played by the ever-quirky Johnny Depp — is Charlie Mortdecai, an art-dealing English aristocrat who finds himself saddled with 8 million pounds of debt.

“Nightcrawler”: a new journalism

“Nightcrawler” presents a new definition of citizen journalism. The film pushes its cast and audience to consider the flaws in the media, exposing corruption and the devastating truth that the thirst for money may drive a man to drastic measures. Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a nightcrawler.

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