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Colin Clark

Looks like I'm the only one...

At this university views on sexual mores tend to be monolithic and it is no wonder these views on controversial and complex issues are imposed on students directly from the administration.

Three's company!

A guy purportedly by the name of Brody Ruckus just had his 15 minutes of fame. About two weeks ago, he started a Facebook group called "If this group reaches 100,000 members, my girlfriend will have a threesome." As of Sept.

I know what women want

According to the phrase, "Non essiri duci sinno tu mancianu, non essiri amaru sinno ti futanu," roughly translated means: "do not be sweet lest you be eaten, do not be sour lest you be shunned." In other words, all things in moderation. Most personality traits exist on some sort of a continuum, like confidence.

I am better than you

Since you read last week's column, you now know how to pick up women. Good for you. But how do you handle the morning after?

How Protected Are We?

When AIDS came to national attention in the middle of the 1980s, there were many calls to combat the insidious and largely unknown epidemic.

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