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Edward Hock

Jogger raped on high school track

A woman was thrown to the ground and raped Friday at 9:00 a.m. as she was jogging around the track at Charlottesville High School. The attacker approached the victim from behind with a black garment -- possibly a shirt -- which he used to cover her face before "throwing her down and raping her on the track," Charlottesville Police Detective Wendy Louis said. According to Louis, the attacker had a knife, which he put to the victim's throat in what was the second such attack of the morning. In the first incident another female was completing her morning exercise routine at 6:00 a.m.

Gilmore gives $5,000 to combat drinking

Governor James S. Gilmore (R) has allocated $5,000 to the University through the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to combat underage drinking on Grounds. The grant is one of eight awarded to colleges and universities in Virginia as part of "Operation Undergrad." According to a July 18 press release, the program funds campus law enforcement efforts to reduce underage alcohol consumption by college students. University Police spokeswoman Melissa Fielding said that the University will use the funds to pay for more officers patrolling around Grounds. "The grant will be used for special enforcement efforts in central Grounds, including Rugby Road and McCormick Road areas," Fielding said. She said the amount of the grant is adequate and that it is used to provide manpower in addition to normal patrols. Related Links Office of Governor Jim Gilmore Homepage &nbsp She added that 17 alcohol-related arrests were made on Grounds last year and that number is expected to rise this year. ABC spokesperson Suzanne Horsley said the grants are supposed to serve as seed money to "jumpstart or augment" already existing programs. ABC Education Manager Maureen Earley said programs that are assisted by the state last longer than those fully funded by the state. When programs are started with seed money, "more money is added and then [the program] is institutionalized," she said. Lila White, deputy press secretary for the governor, said the grant is part of Gilmore's commitment to upholding and enforcing the law in Virginia. Underage drinking "is against the law, and Gov.

Council hopes to better relations with landlords

Don't get along with your landlord? Think he's a sleazy, miserly skinflint? Does your landlord threaten to get a court injunction over the pile of beer cans and used prophylactics collecting outside your door? Well, don't fret - Student Council is on your side. In a press statement released July 17, Council announced plans to increase efforts to improve relations between students and their landlords. Council President Joe Bilby said the efforts are aimed at encouraging students to be "good citizens of the Charlottesville community" and empowering them to make "informed decisions regarding off-Grounds housing." Council Housing Committee Co-chairman Nathan Cook said Council is concerned that some students are living in sub-standard off-Grounds housing. Related Links Student Council Homepage &nbsp "The situation for students living off-Grounds is less than desirable in some circumstances," Cook said.

Police arrest Charlottesville resident for fatal shooting

An Albemarle County man was shot and killed Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in an alley between 10 and 10 1/2 Streets - east of the Venable Neighborhood near the end of Wertland Street. Police found Ta Tebb Tyler, 21, wounded with a gunshot to the head when they arrived on the scene. He died later at the University of Virginia Medical Center, said Lt.

Libertarian party names Lark chairman

The Libertarian Party elected a University professor to be the party's national chair earlier this month at the party's national convention. On July 3 at the Anaheim, Calif.

Anonymous donor contributes $1 million to Nursing School

The Nursing School's largest donation ever - a $1 million dollar anonymous gift - will be used to fund a Centennial Distinguished Professorship in pediatric nursing. "This gift is a tremendous milestone for the nursing school," said Linda Davies, assistant vice president for health system development and nursing. It will help bring a nurse leader in pediatrics to the University, Davies said. Such a leader would have a wide range of positive effects, according to administrators at the nursing school. "This person will assist us in attracting junior faculty and graduate students who want to work with this person," Davies said. In addition to bringing in competitive faculty and students, the professor hired with the gift would be expected to do research and clinical work. This gift has the potential "to really make a difference in the care of children," Davies said. With such a wide range of benefits, Nursing School Dean Jeanette Lancaster said she hopes the gift will help put the school into the top-10 nursing schools nationally - the University's Master's program is now ranked 21st in the nation and undergraduate nursing programs are not ranked. "Our goal is to move our school into the top 10," Lancaster said. The good teachers, good researchers and experience in clinical practices that this gift will bring will help accomplish that goal, she said. The nursing school plans to search for a professor to fill the position in the fall.

Foundations conflict over names, Hemmings situation

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which has claimed that Thomas Jefferson may not have fathered children with Sally Hemmings, a former Monticello slave, has changed its name to the Thomas Jefferson Heritage society in the face of pending trademark legislation. U.S.

Naftali uncovers intercepted Nazi plan to kill Italian Jews

Documents declassified Monday reveal that although Allies knew five days in advance about Nazi plans to kill Italian Jews, they took no action to warn the Jews. The information comes from 400,000 pages of documents released by the Central Intelligence Agency's precursor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). One intercepted 1943 order from Berlin said, "to seize and take to Northern Italy, the 8,000 Jews living in Rome.

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