Jack Chellman


CHELLMAN: Focus on the anniversary that matters

Just as our actions on Founder's Day prolong our conversations about Jefferson and his legacy, so too must we act again on Aug. 11 and 12 to remember Charlottesville's failings and to fight for its future.

CHELLMAN: Leave safe spaces alone

Contemporary debates over safe space policy — both criticism and defense — wrongfully link the question of student security with the larger question of student comfort and discourse.

CHELLMAN: Let FOA educators evaluate their students

As it stands, the current system allows fraternal organizations to exploit the good intentions of educational courses. These organizations can fulfill their requirements without ever engaging seriously with this important material.

CHELLMAN: Be a better ally

Charlottesville’s recent violence forces every student to feel the heft of their reactive inertia — we must change our behavior in some way so as to translate our horror into meaningful progress.