Jane Diamond


Enough is enough

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the word “enough” a lot. 

Lessons from the dentist

The dentist took a swift look at my x-rays and, a little too jovially, said, “Six cavities!"

Boring Mondays filled with fun

This morning, I got a haircut at the first place that showed up on Google when I typed in “haircut.” When I took off my beanie at the salon to reveal unwashed locks, in all of their split-ended glory, the hair stylist furrowed her perfectly-shaped brows.

To stump an out-of-state student, ask this question

It’s a question we all get. You’re sure to hear it, whether you hail from Hong Kong, were brought up in Brooklyn or are so thoroughly Charlottesvillian you remember Venable Elementary School on 14th St.