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Jordan Best

As undergraduates filled into their first-year dorms in the fall of 2013, a 16-year-old Lorde was in the midst of releasing her debut album, “Pure Heroine.”

Pop music of the Class of 2017

Bittersweet memories are in heavy order for the graduating Class of 2017, and little else reflects the graduating students’ nostalgia as accurately as the music they listened to for the last four years.

Though "Silver Eye" isn't always exciting, there is still a lot to love.

Sexy synths abound in 'Silver Eye'

While Goldfrapp’s latest album, “Silver Eye,” is neither straightforward nor consistently exciting, it harkens back to the sultry, experimental sounds the duo pioneered in the early 2000s.

Queen Bey makes the top of A&E's list of sexy songs this Valentine's Day.

Sexy songs to set the mood

A perusal of Spotify’s “Romance” playlists brings up a variety of choices with titles such as “Spooning,” “Pure Seduction” and the cleverly named “Sexy as Folk.” The common theme? Songs to have sex to.

Adele's latest, "25," was released this past Friday following anticipation from fans.

​Adele soars once more

When discussing an artist as monumental as Adele, the burden of the past inevitably comes up. “21” established Adele as less of a pop star and more of an incomparable talent with an ageless voice.

Little Mix’s pop remix

Whereas Little Mix’s previous album “Salute” was filled with R&B-tinged anthems, “Get Weird” roots itself in pop sounds from the past, drawing mainly from 1950s doo-wop and 1980s synthpop.

Crowning the best summer song

As this summer comes to an end, the world of Western pop music is forced to answer the annual question: what was this year’s definitive summer song?

Kelly Clarkson delivers a hit-and-miss new album

Kelly Clarkson’s latest album, “Piece by Piece,” finds the pop rock singer playing with EDM and synthesizers, while exploring the same themes of self-empowerment and heartbreak present on 2011’s “Stronger.” Because Clarkson recycles so many themes from her previous work, the new album contains too many unexciting, mid-tempo songs that fail to impress.

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