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Katherine Martini

Safety worth small loss of privacy

EXTRAORDINARY times call for extraordinary measures. In the weeks following the terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans have been living in a heightened state of security and anxiety.

Commend multi-Greek philanthropy

EVERYONE can agree that good times make for good friends. With this premise in mind, several leaders of fraternities and sororities around Grounds are organizing a philanthropy event followed by a four-way non-alcoholic mixer in hopes that all will have a good time. Clearly, this isn't a traditional Greek fete.

Calling for courteous cell phone users

Although classes have been in session for less than two weeks, it has occurred in almost every class at the University: the blaring, distracting ring of someone's cell phone in the middle of a lecture or class discussion.

Poor student motives

IN JUST over a month, stu-dents will walk down the Lawn for the last time, as graduates. And if your commencement is anything like mine in high school, I'm sure you heard the line about being "the future leaders of our country" as many times as you skipped class senior year.

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