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Katherine Ripley

​PARTING SHOT: Solid ground to stand on

The fall semester was tumultuous to say the least, and traumatizing to say the most. We were invited to events other media outlets were excluded from. We were trusted to cover the issues that tore this community apart, because we are students first before we are the media. And throughout our production process we grieved just as much as the rest of the student body. Every word, every sentence, every story, every page, was assembled with the hope of healing.

RIPLEY: Sex after trauma

When sex is difficult because of traumas or fears, it’s probably best to do it with someone you know you can really trust. But I didn’t go that route because I wanted to return to a sense of normalcy. Taking a guy home from the party because I wanted to was part of my normal.

RIPLEY: Open to lead

Cory Booker has been somewhat of a celebrity in the political arena. If you’re a New Jersey resident and you read the newspaper, you’d probably heard of him even before he announced his campaign for Senate. You’ve also probably heard of the speculation that he is gay.

Saying “goodbye”

But despite the allure of social media, we still feel the need to meet up one last time—one last day at the beach, one last lunch, one last night out, all for the purpose of saying farewell to a friend, a family member, a summer romance. We get together again. We brace ourselves. We cry. We call out and say “I love you” as the car is driving away.

Print culture

A recent article in USA Today discusses the propensity for college newspapers to switch to a predominantly digital medium of publication.

Trials by firearm

I REMEMBER, in elementary school, learning how to do a “lockdown drill.” I was told, along with my classmates, that when the principal’s voice came over the loudspeaker we would have to sit in the corner, away from the windows and the door.

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