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Keith Williams

I recently initiated a collaboration with colleagues, to attempt to say what needs to be said.

WILLIAMS: On finding our own words

Our community needs for us to search for our own words, and choose our own actions, here and now … and not merely apply historical prose, like balm, to a current wound. 

WILLIAMS: Free from blame

Some might demand that students stay in their rooms at night; that they refrain from substances; that they wear more “appropriate” attire; that they keep to their circle of friends; that their skirts are longer or their heels are shorter; etc.

WILLIAMS: Thoughts on Nelson Mandela

Mandela was not who we thought he was; he wasn’t that violent figure that we’d seen in the papers. Nor was he the violent firebrand that some in the ANC wanted him to be. Nelson Mandela was a thoughtful, dignified man who spoke eloquently about reconciliation, peace and a better future … for everyone.

The American Squalor

The college students of today face a number of concerns: How will I pay for my education? Will I be accepted to graduate school or a professional program?

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