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Laura Lattimer

Asking the wrong questions

The past few editions of The Cavalier Daily have been distressing to me, with all the stories surrounding the current crisis in higher education.

The original birthers

This just in: Thomas Jefferson was not born on American soil. As his last name clearly indicates, he is an Englishman through and through.

At what cost?

I am writing to voice my continued concern over the University's decision to embark on yet another construction project in a time of financial stress ("Cabell renovation obtains funding," April 7). The $64.5 million we have received from the state to renovate Cabell Hall is a generous amount, but let us not forget where that money is coming from: Virginia taxpayers.

Survey says

LAST SEMESTER I took a statistics course for the first time - by the way, STAT 2120 is a great class, everyone should take it.

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