Maggie Thornton


Remembering the big picture

THE MOST common question I have been asked this year is, "Why are you graduating in three years?" I just feel pulled in so many different directions.

Counseling the administration

WHEN I first sat down to write this column, I meant to discuss resource availability at Counseling and Psychological Services and de-stigmatizing therapy.

Not their choice

THE RESIDENCE Life Office recently announced that incoming first-year students will no longer be allowed to specify a preference between Alderman and McCormick Road residence halls.

A troubling irony

THIS WEEK is Take Back the Night at the University. Survivors of sexual assault and their advocates have been working to raise awareness of resources for survivors and ultimately prevent sexual violence against men and women.

Putting our money where our mouth is

AS THOUSANDS of high school seniors receive their thick envelopes from the University in the coming week, many won't be deciding based on academic reputation or social scene.

A more perfect university

AS THE Student Council Executive Board officially transitions today, incoming members ought to have the eyes of the University community on them.

What is there to hide?

WHILE most University students probably didn't give much thought to Charlottesville last week, legislators in Richmond decided essentially to close all donor records from the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

Danger on the Lawn

AS SELECT third-year students excitedly accept offers to liveon the Lawn next year, the University community ought to consider the level of safety a priority.

Honor for all

AS THE newly elected Honor Committee members take their places in the trial room on the fourth floor of Newcomb, these representatives will have bigger issues to face than the single sanction and jury selection procedures.

Appreciating Appalachia

FRIDAY afternoon's attempts to get the Board of Visitors to take "Curriculum Internationalization" seriously must be met with a certain amount of skepticism.