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Mary Rekas

Two for the Road

It was fourth-year College student Jessica Krechel's last summer before she had to enter the "real world," and she wanted it to count. "I'm going to be a fourth year and I have to get a job," Krechel said.

Livin' la vida Guadalajara

A new restaurant with a familiar name has opened its doors on Fontaine Ave. Guadalajara, famous among students for its affordable food and endless supply of chips and salsa, debuted its new branch about two weeks ago. But now that there are three Guadalajaras to choose from, one on Route 29 and one on the Downtown Mall, students may have to ask the question--which one do I want to eat at? Well, as it turns out, it depends on what you're looking for. The new Guadalajara offers quite a different atmosphere than the other branches.

University to host Jeopardy! auditions

Answer: "The only college campus to host Jeopardy! auditions this fall." Question: "What is the University of Virginia?" That's right, the University won Sony's College Jeopardy!

Apple pie America takes on London

The first thing you're warned about is the weather--vast amounts of rain, an average 60 degrees in summer, and, of course, fog--London Fog. Studying abroad in London for a month was a way for me get out of Virginia, but the class I was taking--the Culture of London--also ensured that I would get a first class non-stop tour through the highways and byways of one of the most culturally distinguished cities in Europe. Of course, the first lesson I learned is that it's foggy only when your plane is about to land.

Coming home again

Welcome home. Well, it's not your home yet, but it will be soon, despite your parents' wishes to the contrary.

For sandwiches, try Taking lunch Away

Take It Away proves that you can take more than sandwiches away from lunch: you can take a good overall lunch experience as well. The restaurant, which opened its doors seven years ago, offers classy sandwiches, homemade salads and a wide array of desserts.

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