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Mary Russo

​RUSSO: Dr. King and the shadow of Stone Mountain

Developments at Stone Mountain raise questions of how physical space should be altered when its history is problematic. However, erasure or removal of historical monuments or spaces which evoke painful and dark moments in history is problematic.

​RUSSO: Expanding the role of professors

The argument that professors play no role in our lives other than an educational one is problematic because it treats education as something that only occurs within the confines of the classroom. It is the responsibility of professors to acknowledge and engage with the experiences of their students both inside and outside the classroom.

​RUSSO: Finding the value in humanities

Without examining the foundational basis for the fields in which we explore the humanities, we are not taking full advantage of our humanities educations. In order to do so, we have to familiarize philosophical and ideological foundations of history, anthropology, area studies and the other fields which comprise the humanities.

​RUSSO: Protecting Alaska’s future

As we aim to address climate change in the coming years, we must more seriously consider Native American peoples to avoid the destruction of both their communities and their cultural heritage.

RUSSO: The need for a sober socializing space on the Corner

The prevalence of bars and drinking institutions as well as the history of exclusion and instances of injustice make it clear that there is a need for a cultural shift on the Corner. Our first step in fostering this change should be the creation of a sober socializing space, open to all University students, on the Corner.

RUSSO: Literature as a means to promote global literacy

White men have traditionally dominated much of English language literature. Names such as Salinger, Fitzgerald and Steinbeck will always be important in the American consciousness. However, shaping curricula to include more diverse narratives will create a generation of globally literate Americans.

​RUSSO: The full rights of U.S. citizenship should apply to territories

Americans born in any of these territories are not granted the right to vote for president or representation by a voting member in the House of Representatives. For them, the American flag serves as a reminder that they are not first class citizens and are not equal to other Americans under the law. To address this disparity between principle and practice, all people born on American soil should be granted the full rights of citizenship, which includes the right to vote. In other words, the Constitution should most certainly follow the flag.

​RUSSO: A unique responsibility for the class of 2015

The Class of 2015, however, will not have the opportunity to see even the short-term impacts of this year — at least not as students. They will not have the opportunity to forget this school year, as it is their final memory of the University. Rather, they are entering the outside world having experienced large-scale national issues in their own backyard.

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