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Melinda Lim

A bonzer idea

This month's fashion magazines have been flaunting the latest runway looks fresh from New York City's Fashion Week, but Fair Dinkum Fashion provides a fresh look on the latest T-shirt designs without straying too far from the Rotunda.

Hangin' Around This Town

After spending four years learning and living in Charlottesville, some alumni set out for other cities or distant countries.

Trucks in Transit

Paper fabric woven into diamonds of shade and light symbolizes the Hotel Theresa on Malcolm X Boulevard.

A radical discussion

On a night of earnest reflection and heated debate, Hoos for Israel and Students Defending Democracy hosted a screening of the film "Obsession -- Radical Islam's War Against the West." Hoos for Israel supports the existence of an independent Israeli state.

Before they were professors

From South Africa to Charlottesville Chemistry Prof. Graeme Gerrans hails from South Africa. He began his undergraduate studies at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, concentrating on chemistry as well as geology.

Before they were professors

It's a Monday morning, and you're sitting in class waiting for the lecture to begin. For 50 minutes or so, you take notes, trying to take in what the professor is saying. But while you sit typing away in that crowded lecture hall listening several times a week to that person talk about existentialism or human anatomy, have you ever wondered how the person got to be where he or she is?

Students report subletting scam

A University student recently fell victim to an e-mail scam, losing several thousand dollars after being deceived by a false subletting opportunity. Second-year College student Shelina Merchant posted on Web sites such as and because she was looking to sublet her apartment over the summer.

Gallaudet sees federal rating improve despite 2006 protests

Despite student protests and a tumultuous change of leadership at Gallaudet University, the internationally known school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing recently received an improved rating of "adequate" performance from the Department of Education. The higher ranking has had a positive effect on the student body, according to Gallaudet spokesperson Mercy Coogan, who said students are "proud to be Gallaudet students." In October, Gallaudet students protested the selection of former Gallaudet Provost Jane K.

Organizations look to curb practice of "fourth-year fifth"

Several University organizations are working to tackle the emerging "fourth-year fifth" drinking trend this week by sponsoring awareness campaigns and offering alternative activities for fourth years. The practice involves consuming a fifth of alcohol -- approximately 17 shots of liquor -- before the season's last home football game.

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