Meredith Berger


BERGER: The democratizing power of MOOCs

The importance of MOOCs has been discussed before, but what makes this MOOC unique is that it is the Batten School’s first. Truly embodying its title, the Batten School is quite literally leading the way for Public Policy MOOCs.

An Intel-ligent proposal

Intel calculated that there would be a 48 percent increase of black employees represented in the company if the black population with the necessary qualifications was fully represented at Intel.

BERGER: Here to stay

Almost all of us can say that our ancestors came to the United States from a different country, that they did not initially speak English and that they worked incredibly hard to provide for their families and to contribute to their communities.

BERGER: Local delights

Our relationships within the University community are important, but it is also important that we immerse ourselves in the surrounding area.

BERGER: A voice for the marginalized

The word “freak” used to describe the characters is not maliciously intended for the disabled, but instead meant to expose the “freaks” who pay to watch the show, enjoy the dehumanizing display and leave grinning and satisfied

BERGER: A lose-lose situation

Criminalizing this type of drug use could act as a deterrent for pregnant women who abuse illegal substances from seeking medical advice from their doctors, if they believe they could be prosecuted.

BERGER: Popping the bubble

Meeting people from all over the world creates a wealth of cultural understanding and knowledge that our society today lacks.

BERGER: Professional priorities

There are plenty of opportunities offered to students to become more immersed in their future professional areas, and it is up to the students to take advantage of those opportunities.

​BERGER: Protect your own privacy

It is of the utmost importance that we all recognize the danger of sending personal messages and pictures through our phones or computers.

BERGER: STEM-ming from sexism

If a STEM job is your passion, then do not let these headlines, or even experienced sexism, deter you from pursuing that.