Nate Menninger


​MENNINGER: Lighten requirements for fourth-years

The University should minimize academic requirements for fourth-year students in order to alleviate stress and allot students more time to pursue job opportunities. Of course, the most fundamental purpose of school is to provide an education, and this pillar must remain, but the system can be tweaked to accommodate both education and transitional (post-graduation) help.

​MENNINGER: The appeal of study abroad

Some students neglect to study abroad because they fear the monetary cost outweighs the benefits however this would be an ignorant ideology. The truth is the cost of studying abroad is one of the benefits.

​MENNINGER: The printing divide

I propose a system in which all students are granted the same set number of free pages per year. This number should be calculated based upon average professorial needs. For example, the University of Pittsburgh allocates students 900 “print units” per semester — a number based on a student’s average need.

​MENNINGER: Providing alternatives to the spring party scene

To combat this spring trend toward increased drinking and citation, I argue the University has a responsibility to provide legal alternatives to drinking out on the lawn of your house or some random frat party. On Saturdays or weekend nights the University should sanction and promote events for students who wish to drink in a place free from the over-scrutinizing eyes of police officers.

​MENNINGER: Shamrocks, smiles and the ABC

I completely support policemen and what they stand for, but I also know the job of the police, or in this case that of an ABC officer, is to resolve the given situation with the least amount of physical force required. Carrying an openly visible firearm does not accomplish this goal, and furthermore unnecessarily asserting physical dominance over someone only creates more fear in the public.

MENNINGER: Re-thinking hook-up culture

But what makes this hook-up model the correct model? Is it merely personal opinion? Isn’t it possible your monogamous favoritism is based off societal pressures which have convinced you marital monogamy is the only truly acceptable form of adult relationship? If we look at the world, out of over 1,000 societies 186 are monogamous and 453 have occasional polygyny (with others having more frequent polygyny or polyandry).

MENNINGER: Give student athletes a proper orientation

I argue that since student athletes live a different life, the University should implement an orientation program or class for incoming first-year student athletes in order to ease and accelerate their transition to a comfortable and safe collegiate athletic experience.

MENNINGER: Dangerous double-standard

Instead of adopting this dangerous double standard, the NFL must resolidify its brand. It must either actively promote football as a barbaric gladiator-like sport, or — on the contrary — must wholeheartedly promote the health of its players, thus changing the sport entirely.

MENNINGER: New FOAs are unfair

Those who wish to drink will find a way to drink, and in the case of first-years, they will either return to drink in their dorms or take to the streets and bars, using fake IDs in the process.

MENNINGER: Man in the mirror

Vandalism, rioting, and other recent demonstrations unnecessarily threaten the safety, both mentally and physically, of innocent people.