Preston Lloyd


Charting the University's course

WITHIN the context of its relationship with the Commonwealth, Thomas Jefferson's University is defining a new concept of "public education." A changing political landscape over the past two decades, manifested most dramatically in the ongoing budget skirmish in the General Assembly, has yielded a society in which individual interests and fiscal minimalism trump long-term community-building and public investment.

Virginia budget blues

LOST SOMEWHERE in the frantic end of the semester shuffle, University students can go about their lives largely insulated from current events outside the Charlottesville bubble.

Research at a price?

HOORAY for Research Week! Banners across Grounds proudly proclaim the celebration of a newly valued tradition at this institution.

The Bush Doctrine, one year later

THIS WEEK marks the one-year anniversary of the American-led coalition intervention in Iraq. The tragic events across the Atlantic in Spain offer appropriate incentive to pause and take stock of the international political landscape, with special attention to the effects of the Bush administration's policy of unilateral intervention.

What can they do for Student Council; self-governance?

PRIOR TO theusual hype incurred by the onslaught of Spring Break, the annual circus of student government elections always provides a good chuckle for those of us in the expecting-to-graduate camp, if for no other reason than the fact that every year the faces change but the chalking, rhetoric and tactics remain eerily similar.

Thou shalt not waste taxpayers' time

NEVER fear, all you defenders of state sovereignty, the Virginia General Assembly is taking up the banner of "states' rights" and sticking it to the federal government.

A limitless StudCo campaign?

THE MONTH of February can tend to be slow at the University. The madness of rush is long over; the honeymoon of new and different classes has faded and the dreary gray days offer little incentive to spend time outside.

The state of the primaries

PUNDITS must pray for the kind of non-stop rollercoaster that this year's frontloaded presidential selection process has become.

Size does matter

GROWTH is a phenomenon that challenges policy-makers and elected officials just as it presents difficult decisions for members of the business community in the Old Dominion.