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Rob Walker

Florida ruling an affront to admissions

WE MAY HAVE won a victory, but we haven't won the war. This past fall, the Board of Visitors voted unanimously to uphold the University's current race-conscious admissions policy, despite outside pressure from right wing groups, specifically the ironically named Center for Equal Opportunity, to eliminate the policy.

Reform loses Trump, self-destructs

Americans like having lots of things to choose from. When they go out to eat, Americans want a restaurant that has a great variety of different items on the menu.

Old-fashioned, modern political styles collide

CONCORD, N.H.-Concord, New Hampshire is a funky place, existing simultaneously as a small, rural town - like the ones shown in picture books of New England - and as an ever-changing, newly affluent pop culture city of the future.

GOP goes gaga for God

BOOM, BOOM, boom. The hardwood floor of the Boar's Head Inn ballroom shook from the thundering bass.

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