Russell Bogue


HONOR COMMITTEE: What’s on the ballot?

In summary, you will see two amendments on the ballot this year: one will either affirm the single sanction or change the constitution to allow for a multiple-sanction system, and the other will slightly reword the language passed last year in order to make the Honor Committee more responsive to student opinion.

The marketplace of ideas

The Opinion editors do not decline to publish writers’ viewpoints merely because they might be deemed unpopular

BOGUE: Providing for the future

The Depression-induced panic that inspired Social Security is understandable, but it’s high time to replace Roosevelt-era ideologies with ones more suited to our political tradition of individualism and responsibility.

BOGUE: Mississippi blues

Rehabilitation isn’t an excuse to give inmates flat-screen TVs or make our penitentiaries luxury hotels. It’s a critical look at the ways in which prisons change those who enter them in profound and irreversible ways, generating anti-social behavior, minimizing dignity and doing little to correct the habits that locked the prisoners up in the first place. Where possible, we should fight these effects.

BOGUE: Making the grade

The problem in U.S. education cannot be chalked up to the lack of a nationwide curriculum or too few charter schools or any number of the simple fixes that reformers sometimes champion.

BOGUE: Underworked and overpaid

Top-down regulation from the government aimed at limiting CEO compensation fails to account for the reasons why we have seen executive salaries rise so quickly in the past few decades.

BOGUE: A false hero

As soon as we allow for agents of the state or even citizens of our nation to exempt themselves from common laws on the basis of moral conviction, we allow each person to become, as Justice Brandeis once put it, “a law unto himself.”

BOGUE: A lone exception

You rarely hear an intelligent case for American exceptionalism. But that doesn’t mean an argument for exceptionalism doesn’t exist.

BOGUE: The most wonderful time of the year

With so much festive spirit in the air, it’s time to resurface that perennial debate: which holiday is the best? Is it the raucous debauchery of Halloween? The joy of Thanksgiving? The timelessness of Christmas?