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Sam Bresnahan

Looking at a new affirmative action

Something important has been missing from the affirmative action debate ever since three white students filed suit against the University of Michigan in 1997 -- something that is dreadfully obvious yet has been ignored consistently by both sides.

Affirmative action's uncertain benefits

Affirmative action supporters lost some ammunition last week after the appearance of a new study in the spring issues of The International Journal of Public Opinion Research and The Public Interest.

Quit Hokie poking

Virginia Tech's Board of Visitors launched the school into an uproar last week when it voted to eliminate race, gender and other factors from consideration in admissions and hiring.

No harm in 'under God'

Since last June, when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because it contains the words "under God," the nation has hotly debated the precise meaning of this phrase and all of the implications that go along with it. The two 9th Circuit Court judges who wrote the majority opinion weren't kooky when they made their decision -- their arguments were based on historical circumstances and a careful, conservative interpretation of the Constitution.

Decreasing living wage

LEADERS of the Living Wage Campaign at the University should recognize that artificially high wages are not a viable solution to the problem they perceive: That the lowest-paid University employees do not earn enough to live comfortably.

Don't deny endorsements

As University students begin casting their votes in spring elections today, one issue continues to cast a pall over this year's election process.

Short-circuiting high-tech cheating

Students are getting better and better at cheating, and it's time for college faculty and administrators to do something about it. The latest scandal to rock the academic world happened last month at the University of Maryland, where 12 students in the undergraduate business school were accused of using their cell phones and PDAs to cheat on an exam. Faced with accusations in front of the school's Honor Council, six of the students admitted to academic misconduct and will be disciplined accordingly.

Time to scrap Title IX

Percentage of U.S. college students who are women: 56. Percentage of U.S. college varsity athletes who are women: 42.

I am terrible at writing headlines

"Good writing is spiritual. Bad writing is clinical." My friend and mentor Jeff Eisenberg wrote these words for the opinion page of The Cavalier Daily exactly one year and two weeks ago, expressing so succinctly what all writers eventually come to realize

Bioterrorism: A new type of war

In the year following the tragic events of Sept. 11, Americans have had to confront a new enemy that kills indiscriminately, jumps quickly from victim to victim and operates outside the paramaters of conventional warfare. The worldwide threat of bioterrorism quickly became a primary issue on the nation's defense agenda last fall, following a series of deaths caused by anthrax. The first victim, a photo editor for American Media Inc. in Boca Raton, Fla., died Oct.

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