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Sam Carrigan

Holy alliances

During an election, it can sometimes seem as if nothing is more important than the victory of one's preferred candidate.

Taking care of the caretakers

The general election season may have provided its first exaggerated controversy when Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen criticized Ann Romney, wife of probable Republican candidate Mitt, for being out-of-touch by saying Ann "has never worked a day in her life." Mrs. Romney, a stay-at-home mother of five, retorted that "My career choice was to be a mother ... we need to respect choices that women make." Many have attacked Rosen, saying she suggested that being a mother is not work, and fellow Democrats have distanced themselves from her remarks.

Basic voter skills

Last week, former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine held a rally on the Downtown Mall to help kick-start discussion of the economic ideas he is promoting in his campaign for Senate.

Outstretched arms

The Honor Committee recently discussed a report, "What is dishonorable behavior?," which proposed to expand the Committee's role by incorporating University Judiciary Committee and Sexual Assault Board trials.

Tone deaf

The Managing Board succeeded in engaging The Cavalier Daily's reader base this weekend with its lead editorial "Loveless," but probably not as intended.

An escalating discussion

Many people have begun to believe that military action between Iran and Israel is inevitable. This attitude is regrettable when one considers the number of very good reasons not to initiate a preventive strike on Iran.

Giving our all

I assume the only people who do not yet know what all this "KONY 2012" noise is about are those of you not on Facebook.

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