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Sam Waxman

Sky high prices exploit students

THE UNIVERSITY should not exploit its students' need for food and medicine. But take one look at the Bookstore and Root Cellar and it becomes clear that the University understands the power of the captive market. First semester first-year students are forbidden from bringing cars to Charlottesville.

Casteen holds key to minority program

THE UNIVERSITY stands for public access to higher education. Its very founding was intended to give life to the notion that education should not be limited to one faith, one political persuasion or one walk of life.

Don't baby sit self-governance

THE UNIVERSITY has a kindergarten teacher masquerading as a Dean of Students. Listening to Dean Penny Rue's speech to the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society last week, it was apparent that she views student self-governance as something to be relegated to unimportant issues.

Ballot seals Honor's demise

THE HONOR system is marching inexorably towards irrelevance. Its constitution and bylaws have been changed four times in as many years, and significant segments of the University community believe that its procedures are rigged against them.

Dean's racist remarks damage diversity

DEAN OF African-American Affairs M. Rick Turner is out of control. His prejudiced stereotyping of white Americans last week has no place at the University. At a panel on diversity and affirmative action, Turner told the audience "White parents from the right believe their children have a God-given right to everything." ("Panel discusses views on race and admissions policies," The Cavalier Daily, Feb.

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