Sawan Patel


PATEL: Create testing windows

Test dates  are arbitrary decisions made by professors, and they should not have lasting impacts on the grades and health of students.

PATEL: Dining done right

If UVA Dining makes changes, more students would be willing to sign on to get a meal plan which will result in better quality overall for everyone.

PATEL: Reforming the NFL

We as consumers can pressure the NFL to be responsible to its athletes while simultaneously continuing to provide what I consider to be the best sporting league in the modern world.

PATEL: No guns on our Grounds

Rather than making students safer, guns transform potentially non-violent situations into violent ones because of their ease of use.

​PATEL: Gentrification hits home

It says a lot about the distribution of political power and socioeconomic class in the United States when the city of Florence spends money to revitalize an area that then excludes many of the poorer residents from being able to shop, eat or live there.