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Sean McGoey

	Forget your bracket picks and embrace the unpredictability of the NCAA Tournament, writes columnist Sean McGoey. Kevin Canevari breaks out his Nae Nae following Mercer’s upset of Duke in the first round.

Beautiful upset fever

I will argue until I’m blue in the face with Super Bowl supporters, World Series apologists and BCS nutjobs alike that March Madness is the best show we put on all year. But what people tend to forget is that the frequency of upsets is exactly what makes it so.

The ones who left

Harris and Mitchell are the last two standing out of Tony Bennett’s second recruiting class at Virginia, which arrived in Charlottesville with six — yes, six — members of varying levels of esteem. For your weekly history lesson, I’ll give you an idea of who those other four players were and where they are now.

NFL playoff predictions

Finals season is upon us, and there are just four weeks of the NFL regular season to go. That means it’s about time for that age-old tradition that football-fanatic college students like me participate in every year — trying so hard to concentrate on my studies, banging my head on my desk a couple of times, cursing my non-existent willpower, then heading back to to try to predict how the playoffs will turn out.

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A net blessing

There’s no doubt that the Virginia women’s soccer team has been on fire in 2013. The Cavaliers steamrolled their first 20 opponents by a combined margin of 65-10, the largest goal differential in the country.

A good old time

Fourth year at the University of Virginia is a time of great reflection for many students, myself included.

All is not lost

One of the hallmarks of my time here at Virginia has been a general sense of jadedness when it comes to our football program.

State of the NFL

Through two weeks, football fans have been treated to an interesting start to the NFL season. The main takeaway so far is that 2013’s been a season filled with both certainty and uncertainty.

Feeling re-energized

Following the Virginia football team’s blowout loss to Oregon, I was feeling burned out as a sports fan. The rest of my weekend—consisting of running into Virginia basketball players and watching Week 1 NFL action—has me feeling re-energized.

Fantasy detox

Hi, my name is Sean, and I have an addiction. I’m speaking, of course, about my obsessive playing of fantasy football.

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