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Tim DuBoff

Don't rush to economic judgement

MUCH AS it pains me to say, it appears that there is a recession in the works. This bothers me - and it should concern my fellow fourth-years as well - for two reasons.

Parties' ideals prove separate, not equal

SOMETIMES we mean what we say. Other times we say things only for the reaction they cause. When the Ralph Nader campaign attempts to portray the two major parties as one and the same, it does not really mean it.

Two words: not controversial

SOME THINGS in life are worth worrying about. Some things are not. Two words shouted in the middle of a song at a college football game are not. Certainly one can empathize with those who take serious offense at the "Not Gay!" refrain in the middle of "The Good Old Song." This is a debate that has engaged the University - or at least, this fine publication - every year without fail.

Co-ed dorm bill starts moral quarrel

IT'S GOOD to be back in Charlottesville. I learned a lot during my semester in South America. One of the most important things was simply how not to take things too seriously.

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