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Tom Bednar

Local boy does good

WRITERS write like dogs bark. We do it because of nature and instinct. We do it because something makes us, because we're compelled to express ourselves in a certain way, at a certain volume. I'm at the end of one line in a short career of writing.

Streams of grace

I KNOW they're around here somewhere, but I can't find them. I put them in a safe place so as not to lose them, and now I've lost track of where the safe place is. I'm searching my room for prayer cards because I need to call down a few favors for loved ones.

Or growing uniformity?

WE ARE whimpering our way into a new millennium, and we'll be lucky if anyone hears. After the flurry of historic events of the last 1,000 years, we're going out not with a bang, but with a soft whisper. History records the loud events, the great epic occurrences that define a particular time.

The Great Thank-You Note Project

THERE comes a time in every young life when a man must clear his throat, glance casually over his shoulder to confirm that no one is looking, and admit that his mother was right. After many years, I have confirmed that my mother was right about several things, chief among them the issue of thank-you notes.

The places we call home

ACROSS these mountains, across several rivers, over used battlefields and county lines and every sort of geography but deserts, there is a place that I called home for as long as I was there. It seems worth mention, as this is Parents' Weekend, and we are welcoming the visitors from the many places we call home.

Making good on bad message

IT'S RARE to see a column inspired by hot dogs. Wurst of any kind usually don't get much press. But last week a few hot dogs did some damage to first-year students' image of the University Judiciary Committee. The wieners in question appeared on a flyer the Committee posted and distributed in first-year residence areas.

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