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Zoya Zahid

By giving other genres a chance and trying shows I swore I would never watch, I was able to actually answer my own question of “what show do I watch now” before I even gave it a second thought. 

What do I watch now?

It might sound a little cliché for me to say this but the truth is, you won’t know if you never try.

 I have grown to view my journal as a space where I could be unapologetically me

Learning to be okay with inconsistency

Although I still often feel the need to practice my journaling everyday, I know the last thing I want to do is think of such an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby as a looming chore. So I’m learning to be okay with inconsistency. 

Music is one of my favorite methods of communication.

Why music is my unofficial love language

By the amount of people I saw listening to “‘tis the damn season” by Taylor Swift over break, I could tell we were all going through something together despite the physical distance between us.

Suddenly, the phrase “hug the people you love a little tighter today” hits differently.

I miss hugs

With social distancing, we aren’t able to hug those people, and that is a difficult reality. If I — as a hug hater — think that, I can’t imagine how people who are huggers are feeling.

If you are so passionate about a hobby, it feels almost wrong to not do the thing you love.

Is reader burnout real?

Personally, finding myself with nothing but time and a growing book list, quarantine presented itself as the perfect opportunity to read. 

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