Buddhist Biker Bar: A Personal Perspective

Crozet Pizza occupies the Corner with a side of zest


Nationally recognized Crozet Pizza has made a historic move — literally and figuratively speaking. Now with a second location on the Corner that opened less than a month ago, Crozet Pizza has combined forces with Buddhist Biker Bar and has taken over the much-coveted Elliewood Ave. location of The Backyard, proving to be an outstanding addition to the Corner.

Walking into Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar, the well-worn atmosphere of The Backyard is immediately noticeable, yet with a massive overhaul. A new bar has been built, booths added, and everything has been completely renovated. Amidst classic photos of the original Crozet Pizza founded in 1977, which still stands in Crozet, Va., are southern rock band posters from such acclaimed bands as The Drive-By Truckers, Alabama Shakes, and Bloodkin. The sophisticated yet laid back look, where one wall is even lined with old whiskey crates, makes you feel as if you are welcomed into this family run pizzeria’s home, which isn’t completely a metaphor when you consider the spot did formerly exist as a house.

The transition to the Corner for Crozet Pizza hasn’t skipped a beat, as the food is just as delicious as that of the original location. The pizza dough is made fresh daily, unlike that of other Corner varieties where the dough is frozen. The sauce (also made daily) follows Crozet Pizza’s original recipe from the 70’s and is by far the freshest tasting sauce I’ve ever had. What really makes the pizza stand out, though, is the crust. Not too thin, not too thick, and you might need a microscope to find any trace of grease.

Favorite pizzas of mine include The Hero and The Veggie. The Hero is every spice lover’s dream combining Italian sausage and fresh hot cherry peppers, and the best part is the perfect spice level that leaves a nice level of heat on your palate without the craving for a glass of milk. The Veggie combines spinach, Roma tomatoes, and garlic to create a pungent flavor that like its meaty counterpart never overwhelms. And the vegetables — they taste so fresh they might as well be right out of the garden. What Crozet Pizza does best is taking powerful flavors such as garlic or peppers and elevating their pizzas without taking these strong flavors too far.

Not in the mood for pizza? Crozet Pizza offers equally as tasty salads such as the House, the Greek, and the Spinach salad. If you manage to still have room in your stomach give the delicious root beer float a shot.

Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar doesn’t cease to impress once the full bar scene is considered. What the Corner formerly missed is craft cocktails, and Buddhist Biker Bar provides just that at the amazing price of $6, which achieves a refreshing change of pace to the traditional Corner bar. This month’s signature cocktail is the Fresh Zen which combines fresh basil from a local farm muddled with sugar, with a house made sour mix and rum, topped with sprite and soda water. It is this level of attention to detail and the use of fresh ingredients that make a craft cocktail great and creates a memorable experience.

Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar is a welcome addition to the Corner bar and restaurant scene. A southern laid back atmosphere combined with a nationally recognized pizza and great cocktails are a recipe for success. Finally not only University students, but members of the Charlottesville community can enjoy Crozet Pizza’s phenomenal food without a twenty minute drive and enjoy a stellar bar atmosphere as well. Crozet Pizza at Buddhist Biker Bar is here to stay and is sure to become a classic Corner staple.

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