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Tyler Gurney

Cheers for beers

Charlottesville has never been a stranger to the libation scene. Thomas Jefferson set the standard with his love for elaborate parties and wine, and not much has changed in the past 200 years in that regard.

The best thing I ever ate

We all have that special bite that stands out in our memory. Whether you were four or 23, some meals are so good you can almost still taste them.

Toro’s Tacos comes to the Corner

Restaurants on The Corner come and go like dust in the wind. The Backyard, Rita’s Ice Cream, Big Dawgz and, most recently, Baja Bean have fallen to the wayside over the years.

Seize the donut

Tucked away on Allied Street off McIntire Road, a Charlottesville treasure hides behind C’Ville Coffee.

Buddhist Biker Bar: A Personal Perspective

Buddhist Biker Bar: A personal perspective Crozet Pizza occupies the Corner with a side of zest by Tyler Gurney Cavalier Daily Columnist Nationally recognized Crozet Pizza has made a historic move — literally and figuratively speaking.

Crozet comes to the Corner

The legendary Crozet Pizza has found a new home at the Buddhist Biker Bar on Elliewood Avenue, taking the place of outdoor restaurant and bar The Backyard.

A burger for the people

Citizen Burger Bar, tucked away downtown across from the Paramount Theater, provides a burger that would make our founding fathers proud to be an American.

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