Fall Concert Lineup Booms

A&E looks forward to the Fall Charlottesville music scene

Start looking under the couch for loose change Wahoos, because fall is here and the Charlottesville concert scene is booming. Whether you’re a casual radio cruiser or a diehard music guru, this fall promises a concert for everybody. Between the Jefferson Theater, the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on the Downtown Mall and the John Paul Jones arena at north Grounds, audiophiles young and old need not go far to hear some of the best bands in the world. From local legends to international juggernauts, Charlottesville’s music calendar is packed with impeccable performers and unending opportunities to get in the groove.

To start the school year off, check out The Beach Boys at the Pavilion (8/28). Don’t let their old age fool you; they can still rock a surf tune like it’s 1965. If throwback music isn’t your thing, check out Parachute, a group of Charlottesville natives who are playing a two-day double concert at the Jefferson in celebration of their new album release (8/30 & 8/31).

To set the bar for September almost unfathomably high, the Pavilion will be graced with critically acclaimed French indie-rock band Phoenix, who will surely put on a show to be remembered (9/1).

Two weeks later — an ideal recovery time after a concert as good as Phoenix — sparks will fly when country-pop goddess Taylor Swift plays a sold-out show at JPJ (9/14). If that still wasn’t enough country, the Red Headed Stranger himself (Willie Nelson) will serenade the Pavilion with his iconic voice and masterful musicianship the next day (9/15). If you still haven’t gotten your country music fix, Charlottesville will deliver with up and coming country star Kip Moore at the Jefferson (9/19).

But don’t worry, Charlottesville has much more to offer than just country music. For instance, check out The xx, winner of the prestigious Mercury Prize, for a night of ethereal indie bliss at the Pavillion (9/20). If your wallet’s looking slim or you prefer a more intimate venue, listen to the uplifting violin craft of Kishi Bashi. Bashi has toured with Regina Spektor and of Montreal and will be playing solo at The Southern Cafe (9/21).

Looking to get in touch with your psychedelic side? Consider rocking out with two special evenings with Lotus at the Jefferson (9/21 & 9/22). If you’re more eclectically inclined, global powerhouse Sigur Rós will swing through the JPJ Arena for what should be an excellent performance (9/23).

Then, it surely will be “Some Night” when Fun. performs at the Pavilion with indie twins Tegan and Sara (9/26), promising lots of screaming and lots of, well, fun. But if all you ever wanted was more country music (as if the Charlottesville music scene hasn’t already delivered), you can skip Fun. and go to Blake Shelton instead at JPJ on the same night (9/26).

If you’re more hipster than Zooey Deschanel with glasses on, head downtown to see STRFKR light up the Jefferson and dance your feet raw (9/28). To close out September’s seemingly unprecedented packed lineup, Passion Pit has upgraded from their performance two years ago at the Jefferson and will take the stage at the Pavilion for what will undoubtedly be a spectacular show (9/29).

If you haven’t blown your entire college budget on tickets yet, October has you covered. Gramatik, a rising star in the electronic dance music scene, will bring the bass to the Jefferson (10/2). Zoso, a Led Zeppelin cover band so convincing you’ll think you’re staring into the soul of Jimmy Page, will return to the Jefferson later in the month (10/12). If you a fan of pop standards, check out Tony Bennett at the Pavilion for a night of exquisite crooning (10/13). Rusko will surely rock the foundation of the Jefferson for a classic dubstep show not worth missing (10/16).

And if you’re an indie rock fan, be sure to catch the soulful Cold War Kids at the Jefferson (10/29). But if your music taste never strays far from Seattle circa 1995, don’t miss an epic performance by Pearl Jam at JPJ, where Eddie Vedder will prove that grunge is alive and well, even if you can’t understand half the things he ever says (10/29).

That’s all on the horizon for now, Wahoos. The stars truly have aligned this semester, setting this year up as one for the ages. With so many great bands coming to town, make sure to take a break from the stacks or the gym and take advantage of one of Charlottesville’s greatest resources — the music scene. Your soul will be eternally grateful, even if your bank account isn’t.

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