Searching for enthusiasm

The managing board is left mostly underwhelmed by College UJC candidates

Our interviews for University Judiciary Committee College representatives left us with more questions than answers. With only three candidates running for three spots, the race again raises the concerns about the lack of student engagement.

Third-year Timothy Kimble, the strongest candidate we interviewed, pointed to that issue, saying that UJC could improve its external communication, reaching out to the student body to let them know what UJC does and how it does it. Such a move would perhaps solicit more involvement in UJC, and create a greater marketplace of ideas that could improve the committee.

UJC is not as prominent as Honor among the University community, and not nearly as controversial. So perhaps it is more difficult to identify the problems surrounding UJC — as some of the candidates struggled to do — than to identify those surrounding Honor. But just because an organization is not held under scrutiny, that does not mean stagnation is an acceptable plan of action for the future term. Though all candidates have experience with UJC and would keep the organization running sufficiently, sufficiency is an outcome not worthy of enthusiasm.

Because of our time limitations, we could only interview candidates for College representatives. We do hope, though, that the candidates in the schools whom we did not have a chance to meet have more innovative ideas to contribute to the committee.

Going forward, we hope that the new representatives to UJC find ways to engage more with the student body, identify ways to improve the committee and come up with concrete plans to implement those changes. At a University that prides itself on student self-governance, we need to be sure that we hold accountable the leaders of every body that exists to serve all students.

Published February 23, 2014 in Opinion

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