Honor Committee to close out fall semester with finals pushes

Honor support officers, committee members will staff events to encourage students to act honorably during finals


The Honor Committee will meet again in January.

The Honor Committee held its last meeting of the semester Sunday evening and discussed finals pushes, events held during final exams with food, coffee and Honor gear.

Devin Rossin, Honor Committee chair and fourth-year College student, said the purpose of finals pushes is “to provide a source of relaxation, positivity and support for students during a stressful time.”

Exams begin Dec. 7 and end Dec. 15, with reading days Dec. 6, Dec. 10 and Dec. 13.

Lucie Oken, fourth-year Batten student and Honor Committee acting vice chair for education, presented an array of finals pushes the Honor Committee will be hosting, from cookies outside Clemons to study hours in Newcomb Ballroom and a first-year barbecue in Ern Commons.

Oken also said an education coordinator will be going to the International Residential College to hand out blue books during finals.

Later during the meeting, Committee representatives announced the individual events they would be hosting for their respective schools. Brandt Welch, fourth-year Engineering student and Honor Committee vice chair for community relations, said one of the pushes is serving coffee and bagels in Thornton Hall, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ main building.

“Thornton stacks is in general where people study through finals,” Welch said. “[We’ll have] coffee and bagels [next Sunday], next Wednesday coffee and donuts.”

Sarah Killian, fourth-year College student and Honor Committee vice chair for investigations, said the Committee will start training support officers on the new additional admissions language early next semester. The new by-law will allow reported students to admit additional offense through a single informed retraction.

The Committee will reconvene in January.

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